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Swirls frosted window decals

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Swirls frosted window decals
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Details about Swirls frosted window decals

Swirls frosted window decals come in pack of 16.  It is available in 3 different sizes. These pack of modern swirls will allow you to be creative by sticking them artistically. You can seperate each frosted window decal by using a pair of scissors, apply them wherever you like and have fun!
  • The 47"x46" pack includes swirls of diameter 12", 11", 9" and 7"
  • The 33"x32" pack includes swirls of diameter 9", 8", 6" and 5"
  • The 22"x21" pack includes swirls of diameter 6", 5", 4", and 3"
Our window decals are made of frosted translucent vinyl material that will fully let the light through it. Swirls frosted window decals can be installed on any windows, glass doors, glass dividers, flat plastics, metal surfaces, showers or bathtube doors. Window decals can be installed indoor or outdoor. They are durable and 100% removable without leaving residue. For an easy installation of your window decal on a glass surface we recommend to use the "wet application" technique "How to install a decal" section or feel free to contact us directly.
Simply spray water abundantly on the glass surface, apply your window decal, chase water and bubles away using the squeegee (included), let it dry during several hours. Then when dry, simply remove the transfer tape. Voila! Made in USA.


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