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Butterfly wall decals

Butterfly wall decals
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Butterfly wall decals

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Details about Butterfly wall decals

Butterfly wall decals are beautiful vinyl design of butterflies dancing in the wind. Butterfly insects represents hope, change and life. Butterflies looks like floral wall decals since the layout is styled in bloom. Create a dramatic ambiance and separate each butterflies wall decals or stick them as it is on your walls.
  • In the 21"x34" decal, the biggest butterfly is 18“x18”
  • In the 30"x47" decal, the biggest butterfly is 25“x25”
  • In the 37"x58" decal, the biggest butterfly is 31”x31“
  • In the 47"x72" decal, the biggest butterfly is 40”x40“
Butterfly wall decals are 100% removable and can be used in home, professional or commercial spaces. Butterflies wall decals are great way to decorate your space and create a lovely ambiances. If you like the butterfly wall decals, you will also like our other insect decals under the animal wall decal section. Feel free to be creative and mix several butterflies wall decals together and you will end up with amazing wall mural. For some amazing examples, check our blog or facebook pages for ideas and inspirations. Butterfly wall decals are manufactured in USA.

SKU#: Z-ANI012

Customer Reviews

     My daughter loved the butterflies wall decal that she got for Christmas. She wants to paint her room a different color before she puts it up so that it will contrast more on her wall!
Melanie H.

     I ordered the butterflies decal. They are awesome!!!!!

     Bought the butterfly wall decals for my nature lover Grandaughter for her Birthday,and she just loves them!
Di Sue

     We love your decals! Thank you for sending the black butterflies decal. They really added a lot and went well with other black accents in this room.
Kelly D.

     I ordered these butterflies in the wind decals last June, in 2010. I recently moved and am not hesitating one sec to reorder them and additinal decals for my new apartment. Everyone that sees them, loves them. They are the first things I see when I wake up and help TRANSFORM the rest of my day.
Natalie A.

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