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Buttons wall decals

Buttons wall decals
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Buttons wall decals
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Details about Buttons wall decals

The buttons wall decals pack come in pack of 18:

  • The 22"x14" pack includes 10 buttons 3"x3" each, 8 stitches in 9"x.18" and needle 10"x6"
  • The 33"x21" pack includes 10 buttons 5"x5" each, 8 stitches in 14"x.27" and needle 15"x9"
  • The 47"x30" pack includes 10 buttons 6.7"x6.7" each, 8 stitches in 20"x.38" and needle 22"x13"
  • The 51"x33" pack includes 10 buttons 7.3"x7.3" each, 8 stitches in 22"x.41" and needle 24"x15"
  • The 73"x47" pack includes 10 buttons 10"x10" each, 8 stitches in 31"x.6" and needle 34"x21"


The cool and affordable buttons wall decals pack will make you use your creativity! These urban wall decals pack includes ten colorbul shirt buttons, eight black stitches and one needle with black thread inserted in the hole. Buttons wall decals are ideal for your bedroom, work room, arts and crafts spaces and clothing stores. 

This self-adhesive full color urban wall decals have sticky back which makes it extremely easy to install. It is also 100% removable, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your wall or leaving residues behind after removing. These modern wall decals are made with premium vinyl, ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. All our urban wall decals are manufactured in USA.


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