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Camera wall decal

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Camera wall decal
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Details about Camera wall decal

Make your room look modern and techy with our camera wall decal! This urban wall decal is inspired by dlsr cameras. The camera wall decal will add a contemporary look to any room.  This object wall decal is perfect for any fan of photography or even selfies. Our camera wall decal is available in 4 different sizes and 24 colors.
The camera wall decal is a great inexpensive way to decorate your interior. You can stick our urban wall decal on many types of surface whether it is paint, wall paper, textured wall, plastic, metal, textile or glass. For more inspirations and ideas on how to use our object wall decals check our blog, facebook and instagram.   You can download instructions on our website for more tips. Camera wall decals are manufactured in USA.


SKU#: Z-OBJ0110

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed Just put my new camera wall decal on my wall and it looks awesome. The application was easy because the instructions are easy to follow after viewing the video you have on your website that shows someone going slowly through every step. Great product and service. Thanks for doing what you do!
Thomy B.

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