What surfaces are best for me to apply my wall stickers onto?


Our vinyl wall stickers adhere well to any flat surface. This includes but is not limited to walls (interior as well as exterior), mirrored surfaces, bathrooms (including inside bath tubs shower doors), wood surfaces, and metals.
Our wall decals can be applied on any smooth or slitghtly textured walls (but for instance avoid rough concrete surfaces, plaster or bumpy skip trowel walls)
For the rougher surfaces (concrete, skip trowel, plaster...) we can manufacture your decal in a special material that will adhere to your wall: simply give us a call and we will assit you in this matter. 
Please note that our decorative decals were not designed to be placed on skin. Also don't eat or chew them! Yes, they are good but only on your walls!... :-)


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