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Cats wall stickers

Cats wall stickers
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Cats wall stickers
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Details about Cats wall stickers

The cats wall stickers come in pack of 5:

  • The 175"x47" pack include 5 cat16"x44", 43"x22", 19"x38", 16"x32", and 61"x29"
  • The 90"x25" pack include 5 cats 8"x23", 22"x11", 10"x20", 8"x17", and 31"x15"
  • The 47"x14" pack include 5 cat 5"x13", 13"x7", 6"x11", 5"x10", and 17"x9"
  • The 33"x10" pack include 5 cats 4"x10", 9"x5", 4"x8", 4"x7", and 12"x6"
  • The 22"x6" pack include 5 cat 2"x6", 6"x3", 2"x5", 2"x4", and 8"x4"

These cool animal wall decals are perfect for any cat lovers! The cats wall stickers consists of 5 cute kittens which some are sitting and standing. Our feline animal wall decals will look good indoors and outdoors. Cat wall stickers are a pack which means you can separate each kitty with a pair of scissors are stick them anywhere and however you want. Have fun!

Affordable cats wall stickers are easy decorative pack to apply you can use in your home or in any office environment to bring some life to your space. The animal wall decals are very new and hip way to decorate and give a unique touch to your interior. Feel free to check our blog or our facebook page for any decorative ideas or to see how creative you can get with these animal wall decals!  If you are looking for more animals to go well with these cats wall stickers you can check our animal wall decal section. Download instructions on our website for more tips. Made in USA.


SKU#: Z-ANI018

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed Our removable cat wall sticker arrived promptly and with no problems. Very very happy with them. Would definitely use Dezign again.

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed Hey, Thanks so much ! got my cat stickers today. You guys are the best!

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed My daughter picked out the cats removable stickers to be put in her new room and they look fantastic. They were very easy to apply and we are very happy with the result.

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