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Classy Hexagons Decorative Dividers

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Classy Hexagons Decorative DividersClassy Hexagons Decorative DividersClassy Hexagons Decorative Dividers
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Details about Classy Hexagons Decorative Dividers

Classy Hexagon deco dividers
Our collection of multipurpose dividers can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To cover a wall, a window, a door, an entryway … or even your floor!
  • To create some privacy within an open space by hanging it from the ceiling
  • To divide your room into different ambiances
  • To install on any sturdy structure to hide it or to cover it entirely or partially
  • To decorate tradeshows, parties and other events while delimitating specific spaces


Our dividers can be manufactured with 3 different types of material:

  • Sturdy plastic material (limited amount of flexibility and can follow simple curves)
  • Solid  clear plexiglass material (there is also the option of decorating it with decals to add some color and pattern)
  • Thick wool felt fabric (5mm)

Our dividers can be installed by:

  • Using  the appropriate glue to install it against a wall or sturdy surface
  • Using screws or bolt
  • Using  steel cables, chains, or transparent wire by hanging it from the ceiling (select "Grommets" option from the drop down menu to get silver grommets installed in each corner of the divider)

Note: you can drill holes in your divider using the appropriate drilling bits (plexiglass bits or regular drilling bits for plastics

SKU#: Z-DIV005

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