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Cube & Circle resin wall mirror

Cube & Circle resin wall mirror
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Cube & Circle resin wall mirrorCube & Circle resin wall mirror
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Details about Cube & Circle resin wall mirror

NEW! Acrylic wall mirrors are now available in classic Silver (regular mirror) or in Gold mirrored finish for a fancier look!
Both finishes reflection is comparable to a standard glass mirror.

Cubicircle resin mirrors come in pack of 4 pieces:

  • The 66"x66" set includes 2 squares 33"x33", and 2 circles 26" diameter
  • The 48"x48" set includes 2 squares 24"x24", and 2 circles 19" diameter
  • The 33"x33" set includes 2 squares 16"x16", and 2 circles 12" diameter
  • The 24"x24" set includes 2 squares 12"x12", and 2 circles 9" diameter

You can install eah mirror individually  the way you like on your walls. From our new line of product, Acrylic Mirrors are a very light weight type of product, yet resistant. They are perfect for inside or outside use.

Acrylic Mirrors can be hold with standard mirror attachments (nails, mechanism, stickons...) or simply with good quality double sided tape since it is an extra light type of material. They are 1/8" thick. They are different from reflective vinyl material : they are giving the exact same reflection as a regular mirror, unlike reflective vinyl material that just give a very faded reflection.

Acrylic mirror made out of resin material

If you want to extend your room, no need to move to an other place. You just need to add some mirror and your home or office will look bigger. Indeed, if you play with glasses and light, you will be able to give a sensation that the room is bigger.

SKU#: Z-MIR004

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