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Custom Button thread wall decal

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Custom Button thread wall decal
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Details about Custom Button thread wall decal

The custom button thread wall decal pack has four different sizes to choose from.

  • The 22"x18" pack has 10 buttons 3"x3" each, 8 stitches in 9"x.18", needle 10"x6" a thread 7.6"x3"
  • The 33"x28" pack has 10 buttons 5"x5" each, 8 stitches in 14"x.27", needle 15"x9" a thread 11.5"x5"
  • The 47"x39" pack has 10 buttons 6.7"x6.7" each, 8 stitches in 20"x.38", needle 22"x13" a thread 16"x7"
  • The 56"x47" pack has 10 buttons 7.3"x7.3" each, 8 stitches in 22"x.41", needle 24"x15" a thread 19.6"x9"


Use your imagination and creativity with our custom button thread wall decal. These cool pack wall decals has ten colorful buttons, eight strip stitches, a needle with thread and spool of thread. The custom button thread wall decal will look awesome for both commercial and residential spaces. You can stick them on your walk on closets, crafts room and in any fashion shops. Personalize these custom button thread wall decal by adding any text up to 15 characters. Put in your name, our fashion icon or your stores name!

Feel free to contact us if you need different sizes or colors of these custom button thread wall decal. Let us know if you wish to add more text to personalize your button wall decal. These pack wall decals are made removable but not reusable. Extremely easy to install, this is a self-adhesive item that doesn't require paste or glue for application. It won't damage your paint or leave residues once removed. Manufactured in USA.


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