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Custom Fun Halloween pack wall decal

Custom Fun Halloween pack wall decal
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Custom Fun Halloween pack wall decal
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Details about Custom Fun Halloween pack wall decal

The custom fun halloween decal pack is available in 5 different size options.

  • the 54"x47" has 5 monsters, eye pirate 16"x21", witchy ghost 14"x19", creepy pumpkin 18"x16", Frankenstein 16"x18" ball bat 21"x16" text height 9"
  • the 47"x41" has 5 monsters, eye pirate 13"x18", witchy ghost 12"x17", creepy pumpkin 15"x13", Frankenstein 14"x15" ball bat 18"x14" text height 7.6"
  • the 38"x33" has 5 monsters, eye pirate 11"x14", witchy ghost 10"x14", creepy pumpkin 13"x11", Frankenstein 11"x13" ball bat 15"x11" text height 6"
  • the 33"x29" has 5 monsters, eye pirate 9"x13", witchy ghost 9"x12", creepy pumpkin 11"x9", Frankenstein 10"x11" ball bat 13"x10" text height 5"
  • the 22"x19" has 5 monsters, eye pirate 6"x8", witchy ghost 6"x8", creepy pumpkin 7"x6", Frankenstein 7"x7" ball bat 9"x7" text height 3.5"

 Our custom fun halloween pack decal is consist of 5 cute colorful monsters! You can customize this halloween decal by having 15 characters! Be creative and make a fun spooky atmosphere by cutting them separately. You can stick them on walls, glass and windows! Halloween can be fun and cute and not just scary!

Check our other spooktacular halloween wall decals under the halloween section. Keep in mind that all products in pack wall decals are fully removable and will not damage your surface once taken down.
Which makes them perfect for the halloween season! Our instructions are available for download. Call us if you need assistance sticking our affordable custom fun halloween wall decal.
Made in USA.



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