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Custom Monogram wall mirrors

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Custom Monogram wall mirrorsCustom Monogram wall mirrors
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Details about Custom Monogram wall mirrors

NEW! Acrylic wall mirrors are now available in classic Silver (regular mirror) or in Gold mirrored finish for a fancier look!
Both finishes reflection is comparable to a standard glass mirror.


Custom monogram wall mirrors are elegant alphabet monograms that are available in three sizes.

  • 46"x33" each letter is approximately 7"x7" 
  • 66"x47" each letter is approximately 10"x10" 
  • 84"x60" each letter is approximately 13"x13"


You can only pick one letter for the custom monogram wall mirrors. This letter resin mirror will transform any room into a classy and stylish space.  It is ideal installed on a blank walls, over the beds and on doors. Monograms are the trend in the design world nowadays, thats why this resin wall mirrors will definitely be a conversation piece. Dont forget to put your desired monogram letter on the text field.

Our custom monogram wall mirrors areacrylic mirror which is a light type of mirror yet resistant.  Acrylic mirrors will hold using standard mirror attachments (nails, mechanism, stickons...) or simply with a good quality double sided tape since it is an extra light type of material. hey are 1/8" thick. They are different from reflective vinyl material : they are giving the exact same reflection as a regular mirror, unlike reflective vinyl.

Manufactured in USA.


SKU#: Z-MIR00140