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Custom Princess Kingdom pack wall decals

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Custom Princess Kingdom pack wall decals
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Details about Custom Princess Kingdom pack wall decals

This Custom Princess Kingdom pack in a full color set of removable wall decals. It is available in 5 different sizes. You can customize the banner kingdom and have your text up to 20 characters:

  • 75"x75" pack has 74"x19" custom banner, 38"x20" horse carraige, 40"x40" castle, 21"x28" cute princess, 9"x9" frog prince, trees in 17"x23", three clouds around 18"x9", couple of birds 5"x4" and bunch of flowers around 4"x6"
  • 60"x60" pack has 57"x15" custom banner, 30"x15" horse carraige,31"x31" castle, 16"x22" cute princess, 7"x7" frog prince, trees in 13"x18", three clouds around 14"x7", couple of birds 4"x3" and bunch of flowers around 3"x5"
  • 47"x47" pack has 45"x12" custom banner, 23"x12" horse carraige, 24"x24" castle, 12"x17" cute princess, 5"x5" frog prince, trees in 10x14", three clouds around 11"x5", couple of birds 3"x2" and bunch of flowers around 2"x4"
  • 33"x33" pack has 32"x8" custom banner, 16"x8" horse carraige, 18"x18" castle, 9"x12" cute princess, 4"x4" frog prince, trees in 7"x10", three clouds around 8"x4", couple of birds 2"x1.5" and bunch of flowers around 1.5"x2"
  • 22"x22" pack has 21"x6" custom banner, 11"x6" horse carraige, 11"x11" castle, 6"x8" cute princess, 3"x3" frog prince, trees in 5"x7", three clouds around 5"x3", couple of birds 1.5"x1" and bunch of flowers around 1"x1.5"

Cutest princess decal for your little girl's room

Be enchanted with this awesome princess kingdom wall decal! Have fun decorating and play with the cool designs! Cutomize you kingdom banner by using up 20 characters.  This is a wall decal pack which means you can cut them and place them anywhere and any way you like.  Let your little girls imagination transform her room into the most adorable fairy tale ever! Check our other themed decals under the kids section.


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