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Cute Planets wall decal

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Cute Planets wall decal
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Details about Cute Planets wall decal

The full color cute planets decal is available in 5 different size options. This adorable set of planets, rocks, meteors and stars will make any room interesting and fun!
The out of space wall decal includes the sun, the planet jupiter, saturn, mars, mercury, venus, earth, uranus, neptune. It also has 30 space rocks, 20 bright stars, 30 yellow stars, 16 meteors, a space shuttle, satellite and a cool astronaut.

  • 22x12 largest planet jupiter is 5.8"x5.6", saturn 7"x4.3", earth 4.3"x4" and space ship 4.8"x1.6"
  • 33x18 largest planet jupiter is 8.8"x8.5", saturn 10.7"x6.5", earth 6.6"x5.85" and space ship 7"x2.6"
  • 47x25 largest planet jupiter is 5.8"x5.6", saturn 15.3"x9.2", earth 9.4"x8.3" and space ship 10"x3.4"
  • 61x33 largest planet jupiter is 16"x15.6", saturn 19.8"x12", earth 12"x10.8" and space ship 13"x4.35"
  • 87x47 largest planet jupiter is 23"x22", saturn 28.7"x16.75", earth 17.3"x15.4" and space ship 18.6"x6

This cute planets wall decal are easy to install. Keep in mind that all kids wall decal are fully removable and will not damage your surface once taken down. You can also check out our other kids wall decal and create a super fun room. Call us if you want to customize this cute planet wall decal.
All our kids wall decals are manufactured in USA.



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