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Will there be any damage to my walls after I remove the decal?


Not at all. All of our wall vinyl sticker products are easy to remove, and will not leave any residue on your walls. This makes our wall decals perfect for those who are renting a home or office, college students living in dorms, or individuals that are looking for a new and fun way to decorate their home. Note: In some circumstances, such as decal set on glass or windows, it may be difficult to peel off the decal ; then we recommend to use a blow dryer on heat position to loosen the decal bond while removing it. You can also use this technique when your wall decal is set on a fragile surface that you are really afraid to damage. We also strongly advise to use this technique to remove glow in the dark decals or chalkboard stickers since these products use a stronger glue. Please refer to our How to install wall decals section for more info on how to install or remove your decal... and feel free to contact us at any time: we are here to assist you in the process! ^^

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