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Dolphins see through window decals

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Dolphins see through window decalsDolphins see through window decals
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Details about Dolphins see through window decals

Feel like your swimming accross the ocean with dolphins!
Our Ocean Dolphins see through window decals is a part of our ultra modern line of micro perforated window skins.
This self-adhesive film can be installed in a variety of spaces, for both home and corporate use.
You can jazz up your bathroom, dress up window dividers for a fun look, or even decorate your retail store window - as easy as 1,2,3.
Our Sea Dolphin See Through window murals are ideal for any type of window, glass divider, conference room window, glass door, bay window, shower stall or even car windows!...
 See Through window decals can be installed indoors or outdoors as they are laminated with a UV protective film that is also weather resistant.
This protective lamination also gives your mural graphic a glossy and vibrant finish, and can be cleaned with any type of window cleaning product .

Shows how your See Thru graphic will look like during the day (light comes in)
   Shows how your See Thru graphic will look like at night (graphic wil look even sharper)

See Thru graphic will look the same way on both sides of the window.
This mural will let light in your room and you will be able to see outside during the day, which offers a nice look and also privacy as people can't see inside the room from outside.
Very easy to install, See-Thru Murals are completely removable without leaving any residue.

see thru material

SKU#: Z-SEE016

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