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Dots Pack wall applique

Dots Pack wall applique
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Dots Pack wall applique
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Details about Dots Pack wall applique

Dots appliques come in pack of 21:

  • The 80"x88" pack, includes 21 circles from 5" to 22"
  • The 65"x71" pack, includes 21 circles from 4" to 18"
  • The 47"x52" pack, includes 21 circles from 3" to 13"
  • The 30"x33" pack, includes 21 circles from 2" to 8"
  • The 22"x24" pack, includes 21 circles from 1" to 6"


Our Wall Appliques are made of a very light, durable and resistant plastic material.  Appliques can be installed using classic attachments (nails, hanging mechanisms and such...) or simply using our double sided tape (which is included with every order). Our decorative appliques are 1/8" thick, and are available in 12 different colors with a matte finish. Our appliques are removable and reusable.


Wall appliques can be safely used in any room of your home or office (even bathrooms, kitchens and/or humid environments).

plastics  appliques are intended both for indoor or outdoor use. 
You can aslo paint our plastics wall appliques (use primer and paint from any hardware or paint store).

Decorative dots appliques

You can install each dot applique the way you want on your wall. Our wall appliques are available in 14 different colors. Just choose the size and the color that you want and we will do the rest for you.


SKU#: Z-PVC0013

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