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Dinosaurs pack wall stickers

Dinosaurs pack wall stickers
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Dinosaurs pack wall stickers
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Details about Dinosaurs pack wall stickers

The fun dinosaurs pack wall stickers come in 7 kinds of different dino animals. These animal wall decals have 24 colors and 5 different sizes you can choose from:
  • The 75"x75" pack  has 3 pterodactyls in 20" to 48", a T-rex in 36"x36", triceratops in 16"x41", a stegosaurus  19"x44" and a giant apatosaurus 34"x57"
  • The 60"x60" pack  has 3 pterodactyls in 17" to 40", a T-rex in 29"x29", triceratops in 13"x33", a stegosaurus  15"x35" and a giant apatosaurus 28"x46"
  • The 47"x47" pack  has 3 pterodactyls in 10" to 32", a T-rex in 22"x23", triceratops in 10"x26", a stegosaurus  12"x28" and a giant apatosaurus 22"x36"
  • The 33"x33" pack  has 3 pterodactyls in 7" to 22", a T-rex in 16"x16", triceratops in 7"x18", a stegosaurus  8"x19" and a giant apatosaurus 15"x25"
  • The 22"x22" pack  has 3 pterodactyls in 5" to 15", a T-rex in 10"x11", triceratops in 5"x12", a stegosaurus  6"x13" and a giant apatosaurus 10"x17"
Fun and cool dinosaurs pack wall stickers will make any room look lively and awesome. You will have tons of fun decorating and sticking up these animal wall decals in your kids room. You can use your creativity and make your room a pre-historic space with these dinosaurs pack wall stickers. Cut each dinosaur wall decals before installing them so you can play around and style your bedroom or playroom.
Check out our other dinosaur pack wall stickers under the kids nursery section. These pre historic animal wall decals are affordable and easy to use. Our dinosaur wall decals are made with non-toxic removable vinyl that gives you the flexibility to decorate without committing long term. Our dinosaur pack wall stickers won't damage your paint or leave residues once removed! These animal wall decals are self-adhesive item that doesn't require paste or glue for application. Made in USA.

SKU#: Z-PAC066

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed Loved the service, arrived quickly and well protected by the packaging I cant wait to see my godsons face when he sees the dinosaurs wall stickers, cheers!
Sarah F

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