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Glow in the dark butterfly wall decals

Glow in the dark butterfly wall decals
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Glow in the dark butterfly wall decals
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Details about Glow in the dark butterfly wall decals

Glow in the dark butterfly wall decals come in pack of 16:

  •   The 65"x47" pack includes 16 butterflies 9"x7" to 18"x14"
  •   The 47"x38" pack includes 16 butterflies 6"x5" to 13"x11"
  •   The 30"x23" pack includes 16 butterfly 4"x3" to 8"x6.5"
  •   The 23"x17" pack includes 16 butterflies 3"x2.5" to 6.5"x5"

A nice pack of 16 shining butterfly wall decals which shine in the dark when you turn off the lights! Well... don't worry they won't keep you from sleeping!  Butterflies decals pack can be used on your walls or even on your ceiling for a dramatic glow effect at night!

Glow in the dark wall decals only come in a light greenish color. No other colors available!
Our glow decals are made of premium phosphorescent material: fully charged it will brightly shine for 10 hours straight. It will recharge with the day light or with any artificial light.
Turn the light back on to re-charge your phosphorescent decal again and again!

Give a new look to your room at night!

You can stick each wall decal the way you like in our room. 

SKU#: Z-GLW015

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