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Glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals

Glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals
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Glow in the dark dinosaur wall decalsGlow in the dark dinosaur wall decals

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Details about Glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals

The glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals are made of vinyl. Available in 24 different colors.  The T-Rex dinosaurs eyes, teeth and footprints are made of glow in the dark decals.  When you turn off the light you will see them shining brightly in the dark. These cool glow sticker dinosaurs are available in 5 different sizes.
Size 4 and Size 5 come in 2 pieces easy to assemble.

Awesome glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals for your kid's room

This cool dinosaur glow in the dark wall decals is ideal for bedrooms and childrens playroom.  It is a fun way to decorate your space. The kids will have an awesome time looking at the glowing eye, dino foot prints and it's sharp teeth! You can pair them with our other glow in the dark decals or our other dinosaurs wall decals in our animal section. Scary effect garanteed! Create a prehistorical ambiance with this glow in the dark wall decal.
Our glow in the dark material is premium quality. It will shine brightly during 10 hours straight. It will recharge with daylight or any artificial light.


Customer Reviews

     Bought a stylist horse for my granddaughter looks great on the wall. Had lots of comments about it. Also bought the big Tyrannosaurus rex that glows in the dark for my grandson. He is crazy about it. Takes up the whole wall and looks pretty fierce.
Kathy P.

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