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Green Grass wall decals

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Green Grass wall decals
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Details about Green Grass wall decals

The green grass wall decals are full color decals, they and available in 4 size options.
  • 60"x63" green grass has 4 grass strips in 60"x14" each
  • 47"x49" green grass has 4 grass strips in 47"x11" each
  • 33"x35" green grass has 4 grass strips in 33x8" each
  • 22"x23" green grass has 4 grass strips in 22"x5" each
Luscious and vibrant green grass wall decals are perfect for any room that needs grass borders. It is a pack of 4 short natural real grass with narrow leaves strips that will definitely bring life to any dull space. You can stick them side by side and cut the excess grass wall decal with scissors or hobby knife. You can apply these flower wall decals in any way you want. Stick these vinyl borders along your walls, on doors or all around your room. 
These green grass wall decals are made with non-toxic removable vinyl that gives you the flexibility to decorate without committing long term. It won't damage your paint or leave residues once removed! All our flower wall decals are easy to install. This wall decal is a self-adhesive item that doesn't require paste or glue for application. Manufactured in the USA.

SKU#: Z-QUAD0276

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