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What is the best way to apply my wall decal?  

All orders placed with us will include easy to follow step by step instructions, several test decals and an application squeegee.
On our website you will find the same instructions you can download and print to help you install your decals
For your convenience our website also contains a decal instruction section showing how to install or remove a vinyl decal. This section also showcase several useful videos, tips and tricks.

Also for all other products such as canvas, murals, 3D appliques, you'll get specific instructions with your order. You can also view and print these instructions directly under each website category related to these wall products.
All our products are fairly easy to install and don't require any specific tool or any technical knowledge...
... if you are not a handy one, don't worry simply invite a friend over to help you... It is always more fun to decorate this way! ^^ 



Squeegees: a useful tool to get!

squeegees for decal
Squeegees are very useful when it comes to install a wall decal... it is not mandatory to have one, but it makes the installation more pleasant!
Order a squeegee now!

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