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How to select your wall decal options on Dezign With a Z

On our website you can customize the size, color and direction of your wall decals. Just follow the instructions below.

For some of our wall stickers which are bi-colors or tri-colors you can apply up to 2 or 3 different colors to the decal. You will find this type of decals under our bi-color decals section. For other decals including text, you can even choose your own personalized text...

So here are the step by step directions to choose your vinyl decal options:

1. Select your wall sticker color :

This option will allow you to visualize the color of your wall decal. You can test the different colors in the right panel and view how your decal will look. If the decal you are viewing is a bi-color or even tri-color sticker, a second and third color panel box will be here to allow you to choose extra colors for your decorative sticker


 Wall stickers



2. Visualize your decal on your walls :

you can get a good idea of what your decal will look like on your walls by using this option. This option simply helps you decide if the color you choose for your decal in step1 is right. To avoid confusion remember that our decals have no background.


 Wall decals


3. Choose the size of your decal :

there is usually up to 4 different sizes you can choose from.The size refers to the overall dimensions of the wall decal. If you are viewing a decal pack or a decal that comes in several pieces, click the Details button (below the decal preview) to get the size of each individual sticker part): How to use the Details button


Wall decals 


4. Choose the orientation :

You can decide if you want your decal to be in the regular view or the reversed view as shown here.


Wall clings


5. Choose quantity :

Decide how many decals you want to order


Wall stick-ons 

6. Place your order:

Once you have selected your options you simply have to click on the checkout button to proceed to checkout. Then you will have to sign-in to your Dezign With a Z account or to create a Dezign With a Z account if you didn't already open one.If you don't want to create an account you can also use our Guest Checkout for your convenience. No information will be stored.removable stickers


Note: while you are shopping on our website the content of your basket is always shown on the top right handside of your screen with the total. After you have added decals to your basket you can keep browsing our website and decide to checkout at any time.


removable decals Remember, our website is secured and your information are safely transmitted. If you are not confortable with placing your order on-line feel free to contact us directly to place your order over the phone. We will gladly assist you. Contact our Hotline


7. Tip: Learn more about the decal you are viewing:

Simply click on the "Details" button below the wall decal image, to get more info and specs about the wall decal you are interested in. You can scroll down the right bar to read more.In the example below the Details menu will give you the size of the entire decal set, the number of butterflies in the set, and the size of each butterfly stick-on in this set.


Wall decals 




We hope the content of this FAQ was useful and we encourage you to contact us if you need further info about wall decals and decorative stickers for walls .

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