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Create your own decal quote with our Custom Sticker Lettering module

Our Custom Lettering module is intended to create adhesive vinyl sentences, phrases, alphabet letters, monogram, poem, wording, lettering signs...
Lettering decals can be used on walls, windows, doors, ceilings, floors, cars, trucks, vans and vehicles...

For instance it can even be used on boats, sailing boats (identification number, name...).


Professional lettering and decal signs for business

In a professional environment lettering decals can be a very useful and inexpensive way to do signage. For instance, decal wording can be used on doors to identify your office (Alexander Smith - Manager) or the purpose of a room (Conference Room, Coffee Room...). It can be used in a formal corporate way, or in a more casual decorative and humorous way... imagination is the limit.
Decal and sticker wordings can be used indoors or even outdoors and will last for years. That's why they are a great way to advertise your business on vehicles (name, address, phone numbers...) or on the windows of your store front. Decal lettering can be used outside even in the most extreme conditions (rain, snow, extreme winters...) or any humid environment (even bathroom, jaccuzi, sauna...) as long as the surface is dry when you install the decals. My little brother even installed some vinyl decals in his bath tub and faucet and they hold perfectly!!!
You can view several different uses for our wall decals at the bottom of this page


Custom lettering decals for home decors

In a home environment wording and lettering decals are a great way to decorate your walls, doors or windows (even ceiling and floor). You can also use it in many different and original ways:  you can stick the decals on furniture (tables, back seats, bed frames, drawers... whether made of wood, plastic, glass...), on mirrors... even shades or blinds! We saw some very creative uses !! Some of you have installed wall stickers on framed canvas or on stretched fabrics!...


Step by step instructions for custom decal lettering

Making your own custom wall sticker quotes is easy thanks to our wording module.
You just have to follow the steps below


Step 1 - Enter your text

For this you simply need to type your text directly in the space preview above the couch.

Or you can type it at the bottom of the module as shown by the white hands below.
For your wordings you can choose any character (letters, numbers, comma, semicolon...) , even special characters such as $, @, # etc....
You can choose to enter capital letters or lower case letter at your convenience.
It's really up to you.

 wall decals wording


Step 2 - Choose a wall color for your preview

This useful option is just for the comfort of the preview. It simply allows you to see how the decal will look set on your wall according to the color you are going to choose for your decal.

It's really helpful to figure out which vinyl color will best match your walls. 

wall clings lettering


Step 3 - Choose the color for your vinyl lettering decal

As shown below you can choose between 24 colors for your vinyl decal words. The name of the color is displayed right below the color chart selector (Ex: Burgundy in the screen shot below).
These are matte colors. If you want to view the color before ordering you can request a  decal color chart online. This color chart will come along with several mini decal samples.

Note that the colors used for lettering decals are exactly the same as the ones used for the regular design decals you will find on our website. Thus, you can use custom wordings to complement or personalize other wall stickers you may be ordering on our website.

If you want to go for custom colors you can contact us directly to special order it (we work with Pantone Color reference if needed).

You can also contact us if you want to use some special material such as reflective vinyl, metallic, frosted...

wall pop sentences


Step 4 - Choose the font / style for your vinyl wording stickers

You now have to choose the font (also called style) for your quote decal. This will apply to your entire sticker.
You can choose among 25 different fonts / style to apply to your text, from elegant to fancy!
You can either pick a font from the drop down menu, or simply scroll through them with the useful double arrow button (more convenient if you want to browse the fonts one by one)

custom lettering decals


Step 5 - Choose the size for your adhesive quotes decals

The next step is to decide on the overall size of your sentence to fit your space.

Before selecting it, we suggest that you first check your space available with a tape measure to make sure that the decal you are about to order will fit nicely in this space.

Once you have taken your measurements, you can decide on the size to select for the lettering decal.

Dimensions on this wording module are in inches (1 feet = 12 inches). The number you are going to enter here refers to the total length (also called width) of your text from the first character of your sentence to the last one as shown in the example below :

 custom  lettering and wording
In the screen shot below the total length of the sentence "Home, Sweet Home..." that has been selected is 195 inches (approximately 16 feet)

You will also notice that the size of the lettering sentence in the picture preview has increased to give you a rough idea of sizing and proportions.

The lettering module allows you to choose a total length/width of 200" for your text.
If you want to go for an even longer text, we can still manufacture it. Please contact us directly.

Our custom wording module is intended for single line sentence. If you want your text on several lines (for instance an entire poem or a long menu), please contact us directly we will be glad to work it out with you and send you a proof by email :-)

custom your own sticker


Step 6 - Choose Regular / Reversed view option for your wall sticker

With this option you will choose Regular view if you intend your quote decal for walls or any normal surface.

If you plan to install your decal on windows, you can also choose the Regular view, but if you plan to install it inside so it can be readable from outside you will choose the Reversed option (see preview below)

You may want to use this option if you have a retail store and want to install the lettering in your front window/door so people can read the letters from the street. However, even in that case as mentioned before, our vinyl is weather proof and would be appropriate outside the window (choose Regular view option in that case)

window decals words


Step 7 - Review your lettering and place your decal order

Before placing your order we suggest that you double check your text by reading your decal sentence again looking for spelling mistake or missing punctuations.

If you find out after placing your order that you have made a mistake or forgot something, it's not too late : call us right away and we will fix any errors for you :-)

decal and stickers for window


Voila! That's it!

You can now try out our custom lettering decal module and create great wordings for your walls or windows

Some examples of what you can do with custom lettering stickers and decals

This section will give you a good idea about how useful or how creative wall and window decals and sticker lettering can be...

Feel free to send us your pictures, we will be glad to post them for everybody to see! Don't be shy! eheheheh

 kitchen wall decalsCustom decals lettering and wordings for home decor - kitchens counter top decorated with quote stickers

vehicle wall decals
Custom decals - lettering and signs for vehicles and business signage

Window store front: custom lettering stickers with vinyl letters

Vinyl decals words used on a table top. Will work on any type of furniture

Carolyn C.'s Lobby decorated with vinyl signage. Wall sticker lettering for CKC Public Relations

custom decal for conference room
Edison International conference room with vinyl logo and custom sticker lettering

Wall decals complemented with custom lettering at Smith Hanley. Corporate, yet elegant!

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