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Jungle Forest see through window decals

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Jungle Forest see through window decalsJungle Forest see through window decals
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Details about Jungle Forest see through window decals

A serene waterfall runs through the heart of the rain forest on the my tropical  see through window film.
The green leaves, trees, grass and the dark water make this high resolution photo an eye catching piece.
The micro perforated technology allows light through hundreds of little holes, making this a prime product for privacy - it blocks the view from the outside while letting those that are inside see out.
Our Jungle Forest See Through window decals are ideal for any type of window, glass divider, conference room window, glass door, bay window, shower stall or even vehicle windows!...
Tropical Forest See Through window decals can be installed indoors or outdoors as they are laminated with a UV protective film that is also weather resistant.
This protective lamination also gives your mural graphic a glossy and vibrant finish, and can be cleaned with any type of window cleaning product .

Shows how your See Thru graphic will look like during the day (light comes in)
   Shows how your See Thru graphic will look like at night (graphic wil look even sharper)

See Thru graphic will look the same on both sides of the window - inside or outside.
This window film is a colorful alternative to frosted panels and glass tinting.
Very easy to install, See-Thru decals are completely removable without leaving any residue.
Please note: this product is made to order. Be sure to enter your dimensions in inches for both height and width prior to purchasing it.
Made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-SEE045

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