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Laziness wall quote decals

Laziness wall quote decals
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Laziness wall quote decals
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Details about Laziness wall quote decals

The Laziness wall quote decals are available in 24 different colors and 6 size options.

"Laziness should be looked up to instead of looked down upon. After all, we're civilized thanks to lazy people. The ones who didn't want to work, so they invented things that did the work for them."

An funny but real phrase wall decal for everyone
Inspired by our wonderful customers we have the new quotes section. This section consists of words, phrases, sayings, inspirational, spiritual verses and also funny quotes. All our wall decal quotes are made to fit doors and walls. Decorate your place with our affordable and easy to install wall phrases. It is an easy decor to personalize and give character to your place. All our decals are 100% removable and it will not damage your walls.

This wall phrase a cool and fun wall decal that can will look good in any office. This affordable wall quote decal approaches laziness in a positive way. It can be inspiring to some people who like relaxing and and do nothing. We do custom quotes as well, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. Made in USA.


SKU#: Z-QUO132

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