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Leaves Acrylic Mirrors

Leaves Acrylic Mirrors
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Leaves Acrylic MirrorsLeaves Acrylic Mirrors
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Details about Leaves Acrylic Mirrors

NEW! Acrylic wall mirrors are now available in classic Silver (regular mirror) or in Gold mirrored finish for a fancier look!
Both finishes reflection is comparable to a standard glass mirror.

A set of 20 mini leaves mirrors to decorate your room!

Each peace mirror is 3" diameter.

Mirror packs come with double sided tape to install it on your wall. From our new line of product,Acrylic Mirrors are a very light weight type of product, yet resistant. They are perfect for inside or outside use.

Acrylic Mirrors can be hold with standard mirror attachments (nails, mechanism, stickons...) or simply with good quality double face tape since it is an extra light type of material. Our product are 1/8" thick. They are different from reflective vinyl material : they are giving the exact same reflection as a regular mirror, unlike reflective vinyl material that just give a very faded reflection.

Cool and decorative acrylic mirror

These mini leaves mirrors will fit in so many kind of rooms and interior. 
This set of 20 laser cut leaf shaped acrylic mirrors is the perfect accent piece to decorate your space. 
These delicate shapes come as a mix and match pack which can be placed individually on your surface however you wish. 
Our resin mirrors are extremely resistant and deliver a clear reflection.

SKU#: Z-MIR0062

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed We love your decal designs and mini mirrors. Your colours are true to what you show and you delivery service is great even to us in Australia. Thank you for a great product. We are now addicted.
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