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Lips Mirror acrylic wall mirror

Lips Mirror acrylic wall mirror
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Lips Mirror acrylic wall mirrorLips Mirror acrylic wall mirror

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Details about Lips Mirror acrylic wall mirror

NEW! Acrylic wall mirrors are now available in classic Silver (regular mirror) or in Gold mirrored finish for a fancier look!
Both finishes reflection is comparable to a standard glass mirror.

From our new line of product, we present  Acrylic Wall Mirror which is very light weight , yet resistant. They are perfect for inside or outside use. Since it's an extra light type of material, they can be held with standard mirror attachments (nails, mechanism,double face tape, stickons...) They are 1/8" thick. They are different from reflective vinyl material : they are give the exact same reflection as a regular mirror, unlike reflective vinyl material that just gives a very faded reflection.

Lips and kisses acrylic wall mirror

So sexy! Our sensual and glamorous lips mirror is a perfect solution to give a glamourus touch to your home or office. This is an acrylic wall mirror not a wall decals.You can choose from 3 different sizes to match with your interior. Be feminine and create a dynamic atmosphere! If you prefer small kisses, you will love this Mini Kisses acrylic wall mirror.

SKU#: Z-MIR0010

Customer Reviews

     I have been admiring your website for some time now. I knew one day soon I was going to order those lips acrylic mirror! I finally got my office done and HAD to order them and they are a hit! People love them and as a Makeup Artist these lips mirror are the perfect piece! I couldn't be happier! So easy to apply and great turn around time, one happy customer!
Cynthia B.

     Hi Paula, I put the lips mirror up today, it looks amazing! I LOVE IT!!

     Where do I start, well Lips mirror looks absolutely amazing! Finished off my room perfectly..and if you're lucky enough to speak to Paula like I did, your experience with Dezign with a Z will be A+...Thank you again!!
Maryann C.

     I purchased the Mirror Lips and they look great in my daughter's room; I love the option of being able to see the items I select on the wall color pallet. If gives you an idea of how it would look on your own wall and it was perfect.
Ilonia H.

     I absolutely love my lips mirrors. Best decision I ever made to decorate my bedroom. And its very easy to put up.

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