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Macaroons wall decal

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Macaroons wall decal
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Details about Macaroons wall decal

Macaroons wall decal pack is available in 4 sizes

  • The 69"x47" pack includes 12 colorful macaroons 15.6"x13" each
  • The 47"x32" pack includes 12 colorful macaroons 10.6"x9" each
  • The 33"x23" pack includes 12 colorful macaroons 7"x6.5" each
  • The 22"x15" pack includes 12 colorful macaroons 5"x4" each

The macaroons wall decal is a pack which means you can separate each sweet macaroon decal by using a pair if scissors. Macaroons are famous European desserts! They are round, sweet and colorful too! They come in different flavors which made them popular worldwide. The delicious looking colors and the round shape of the macaroons will make any room look fun and cute. Be creative and use your imagination by placing each macaroons wall decal artistically.

You can also stick these dessert wall decals on your furnitures ceilings or floors. These macaroons wall decal will look awesome not only in your kids room but also in commercial spaces like bakeries and cafes. You can also use these macaroon stickers in parties and events. Our affordable macaroons wall decal is removable but not reusable. Our premium wall decals will not damage your wall if properly removed. Call us for any custom orders and we will be more than happy to assist you. Manufactured in USA.


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