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Magical Unicorn wall decal

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Magical Unicorn wall decal
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Details about Magical Unicorn wall decal

The full color magical unicorn wall decal is available in 4 different size options.

  • 60"x61" magical unicorn is 45"x55" with 14 stars and 20 hearts
  • 47"x48" magical unicorn is 35"x43" with 14 stars and 20 hearts
  • 33"x33" magical unicorn is 24"x30" with 14 stars and 20 hearts
  • 22"x22" magical unicorn is 16"x20" with 14 stars and 20 hearts


The colorful and amazing design of our magic unicorn wall decal will make any room feel light and bright. The beautiful unicorn wall decal  includes a few stars and hearts. You can transforn your room into an enchanted space by sticking the unicorn, stars and hearts artistically. This affordable magical unicorn wall decal will look best in your kids room. It also suites for anyone who loves unicorn! You will absolutely love the colorful curly hair of the unicorn horse matching the colors of the stars and hearts!

Feel free to contact us if you need different sizes or colors of the magical unicorn wall decal. Extremely easy to install, this is a self-adhesive item that doesn't require paste or glue for application.
Magical unicorns wall decal won't damage your paint or leave residues once removed. Manufactured in USA.



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