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Meditation zen wall decals

Meditation zen wall decals
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Meditation zen wall decals
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Details about Meditation zen wall decals

Choose among 3 different sizes to purchase Meditation stick-on. Keep your mind clear and your heart peaceful with this zen wall decal

Asia stencils perfect for home, spa, saunas

Decals are perfect to decorate houses or businesses. You can create in minutes amazing murals on your wall and for instance create a zen ambiance or an asian atmosphere with several zen theme stencils. If you have a spa or a sauna and which to give it a touch of asia you can simply browse the voyage section and find several other graphics and designs in that taste, such as buddha spirit wall decal.

SKU#: Z-VOY003

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed The wall I put this tree on is slightly textured, so applying the decal was kind of a nuisance -- I had to rub every single square centimeter to make it stick. More a problem of my wall than the decal, so just beware. For what it's worth, when a friend looked at it for the first time they thought the tree looked like an angry head of a woman! :^) The real thing on my wall looks more thorny/spiky than the images (OK, probably just my eyesight... ha). Order it without the zen guy and use the tree for Halloween!

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed I purchased the Zen tree decal. It came out beautifully, we were so pleased. Putting up the decal was not hard, but cumbersome. I suggest that two people are used for this application, then it will be quick and there won't be any problem. As I said, it looks terrific on the wall and installation isn't difficult, you just need 4 hands.

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed I love the Meditation Zen wall decal and it was so easy to put on even with a lot of detail around the edges. I put it on a mirror in the living and everyone comments on how unique and beautiful. The instructions made it easy and the butterflies you sent are great and gave me a chance to practice. Thank you so much for your great service and a quality product. I am looking to get other ideas and places to use the decals.

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