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Metal wall clings

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Wall clings

You can use our elegant Wall Clings in many different way:

Ornamental use:
to cover a sideboard in your kitchen, or a piece of furniture
to cover a concrete floor in your bathroom, or the walls in your shower
to cover an entire wall or a space in your living room or any area

Wall Clings use:

create an original effect on your walls
for a discrete but elegant makeover of your bathroom or kitchen,
give the final touch to your home or office décor, elegantly displaying pieces on your walls.

Our clings can be installed on any type of surface such as painted walls, smooth or slightly textured surfaces, wall paper, concrete floor…
If you plan to install a large size cling (36"x36" or 48"x48") in a professional environment, it is recommanded to contact a contractor for installation. For large metal clings, as they are heavier, you may want to use a special glue/cement or specialty attachments available in any hardware store. Feel free to directly contact us for further assistance.

Our clings can be used indoor, in any room of your home or office… even in humid environment such as kitchen or bathrooms.

They are made of premium Aluminum (thickness: 0.055" / 1.5mm).

Our wall clings must be stored and handled with care.

Wall clings can be easily repositionned during the installation process.
Metal clings can be installed using double sided adhesive (provided): even though 
removable, they may damage your walls. Please contact us for further information about the installation/removal process. Please note that Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for misapplication or damages caused during installation or removal.

Easy 3 steps installation:
No need to be a professional to install our wall clings. This product is 100% Do-It-Yourself
Before installing, make sure the surface is perfectly dry and free of dirt and dust. Prior to installation we recommend that you clean your surface using a dry cloth and Windex or rubbing alcohol.

1. Install the double sided tape (image 1)

Make sure you operate in a dust free environment to preserve the strength of the adhesiveMetal appliques

2. Apply the cling directly onto the surface (image 2), and rub over the cling very firmly (image 3) with a clean cloth to ensure a strong adhesion of the cling onto the surface.

Wall appliques

 3. Remove the transparent protective film (image 4) : simply peel it off by hand… Voila!

Note: In some cases, you may need to cut the metal cling (for instance when you reach a wall angle or if you need to go around a pipe or a decorative element…)
Don’t worry it’s very easy!

Here are the different cutting options available:

With scissors: use tapestry scissors or heavy duty scissors (minimum length of 8”)

Use a heavy duty cutter knife (18mm blade), a metallic ruler and a pair of protective gloves.

To cut clean Pass several times by exercising a constant pressure, then bend slightly;
Pieces will separate very easily

Wall appliques
Whether you simply want to accent your space...

metal appliques
... or cover an entire wall!