Modern Wall Canvas

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Dezign With a Z contemporary wall canvas are high resolution modern pictures printed on Artist canvas, set on quality wood frames.

2 types of framing available:
• 3D Classic: 2.5" deep,stick out of the wall for a very nice contemporary look.
• Flat frame: 1" deep, for a thin slick aspect.

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A great modern way to decorate your home or work space with contemporary paintings. An amazing new look!
For digital canvas custom sizes feel free to contact us directly!
With a variety of styles and subjects, our canvas art prints are ideal for any fine arts enthusiast. Dezign With a Z offers a selection of high-quality canvas prints with subjects ranging from photographs of classic architecture to abstract modern designs, making it possible for many different types of collectors to find what they’re looking for from our site.

If you don’t find something that suits your fancy here, we can also customize a digital canvas print with any photograph that you provide.  

All of our canvas art prints are high-resolution digital pictures that have been reproduced on high-quality Artist Canvas and set on choice wooden frames. We offer two distinct types of frame so you can create the ideal look for your home or office. First there is the 3D Classic frame, which features a 2.5” deep design that juts out of the wall to create a unique and modern aesthetic. And if you prefer a thin and sleek look, we also offer the 1” deep Flat Frame with a slimmer profile. Whichever canvas print you choose, and however you choose to frame it, this is a great way to add a distinct look to your home or place of work.