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Monster Truck pack decals

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Monster Truck pack decals
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Details about Monster Truck pack decals

The Monster Truck pack has 5 monster trucks in full color decals.  It is available in five different packs.

the 80"x82" Flamed truck in 39"x32", SUV in 37"x29", Pickup 38"x21", Cement Mixer 38"x28", Tractor 36"x33"
the 60"x62" Flamed truck in 29"x24", SUV in 28"x22", Pickup 28"x16", Cement Mixer 28"x21", Tractor 27"x24"
the 47"x48" Flamed truck in 23"x19", SUV in 22"x17", Pickup 22"x12", Cement Mixer 22"x17", Tractor 21"x19"
the 33"x34" Flamed truck in 16"x13", SUV in 15"x12", Pickup 16"x9", Cement Mixer 16"x12", Tractor 15"x14"
the 22"x23" Flamed truck in 11"x9", SUV in 10"x8", Pickup 10"x6", Cement Mixer 10"x8", Tractor 10"x9"

This pack of giant trucks has 5 of our cool monster truck collection.
The flamed truck, SUV, Pickup truck, red cement mixer and the huge yellow tractor will look awesome in any wall.
Stick them on your walls, ceilings,tables and cabinets too. It will also look good in auto shops and it is also great for monster truck parties!
Check our other pack decals under the pack or toddler section
Manufactured with removable vinyl, this wall decal set is non-toxic and completely removable. Made in the USA.


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