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Paradise Beach Plexiglass Stand Off

Paradise Beach Plexiglass Stand Off
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Paradise Beach Plexiglass Stand OffParadise Beach Plexiglass Stand Off
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Details about Paradise Beach Plexiglass Stand Off

Paradise beach Plexiglass Standoff is our new elegant line of wall décor products.
These are the perfect high end accent for your home or the piece you were missing for an upscale corporate look at your office.

Island sea Plexiglass standoff are mounted to your wall using the appropriate screws (not included) and 4 elegant silver brushed corner studs as shown below (included).
Plexiglass stands are available in 1/8 , 1/4, or 1/2 inch thickness options.
The metal studs used will secure the plexiglass sheet 1 inch away from the wall, giving it a raised look.
All of our plexiglass stands are made with 100% transparent acrylic. The frosted option is available upon request.

The Plexiglass stand offs are a convenient option if you have to move from one space to another and are looking to take your wall accent with you. These are completely reusable simply use new screws to reinstall.
You can easily mount stand offs to the wall yourself. However, if you wish to have a professional perform the assembly, any general contractor will be able to install it for you.
Feel free to contact us directly for any assistance or question.

Plexiglass acrylic stand

You can also choose to have your graphic centered on the plexiglass standoff, or to have it "Fit" so it covers the entire surface, as shown in the examples below:

stand off plexiglass


dry erase plexiglass stand off Plexiglass stand offs are dry erase, so you are able to write on it with standard dry erase markers – just like you would on a whiteboard!
Now you can write directly on it, draw a strategy, leave reminders for your family members or co-workers without the hassle of post-its.


The graphic installed on the plexiglass standoff is translucent which gives a very elegant vivid finish to it.
In addition, plexiglass standoff can be elegantly lighted up using indirect light or direct LED light strips (available at any hardware store), for a dramatic look at night!

stand off plexiglass


SKU#: Z-PLX022

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