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Pixel Art Sistine Cherubs framed canvas

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Pixel Art Sistine Cherubs framed canvas

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Details about Pixel Art Sistine Cherubs framed canvas

2 types of framing available:
  •  3D Classic: 2.5" deep, stick out of the wall for a very nice contemporary look.
  •  Flat frame: 1" deep, for a thin slick aspect.
    Pixel art paintings : a digital canvas displaying pixel art of famous paintings around the world.
    This digital canvas is a high resolution digital photo printed on an actual canvas, set on a quality pine wood frame.
    This iconic painting is a part of the famous Sistine Madonna.
    The cute angel cherubs in pixel art will bring in a modern touch to any room.
    Raphael Sanzio is the name of the talented Italian painter. 
    You can select between the Flat frame which is a sleek thinner option and the 3D frame which as galery style frame.
    Made in the USA.

SKU#: DC-011

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