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PixelArt Empire wall decals pack by K-SEE

PixelArt Empire wall decals pack by K-SEE
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PixelArt Empire wall decals pack by K-SEE
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Details about PixelArt Empire wall decals pack by K-SEE

The Empire wall decals pack PixelArt by K-SEE is a full color decal and available in 4 different sizes.

  • 57"x47" empire pack characters has approximately 10"x10" each, 21"x20" for the biggest spaceship
  • 47"x38" empire pack characters has approximately 8"x8" each, 16"x15" for the biggest spaceship
  • 33"x27" empire pack characters has approximately  6"x6" each, 11"x10" for the biggest spaceship
  • 22"x18" empire pack characters has approximately 4"x4" each, 8"x7" for the biggest spaceship

Galactic Empire pixel art as wall decals for your awesome room

Use your scissors and deck your room with star wars new order decals! Stick all six empire troopers amd other famous characters from the hollywood movie anywhere you want! This pack also includes the galactic empire emblem, red light saber, the death star, four fighters and the destroyer ship. This easy peel and stick affordable pack is perfect for any scifi fan!
Be creative and have fun decorating your space. Check the rebel pack under the teenagers section! 
All our vinyl wall decals will not damage your walls, check our other pack decals under the pack wall stickers section.



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