Plexiglass Stand Off

Our line of Plexiglass standoffs just boasts elegance.
The sleek clear acrylic boards receive a high resolution crisp print that can either cover the entire surface of the board for a fitted look or can be centered perfectly to it. The set is completed with 4 silver brushed studs for an easy mount and upscale look.
The plexiglass standoffs are a great solution to decorate a variety of commercial and residential spaces. From living rooms, to corporate lobbies and retail locations – each one of these designs will be a conversation piece. Our collection includes nature landscapes, urban skylines, and postcard worthy landmarks so you can match your décor perfectly. You can also customize your own plexiglass stand off with your pictures or your artwork.

dry erase wall decals Plexiglass stand off  are dry-erase, so you are able to write on it with standard dry erase markers – just like you would on a whiteboard!
Now you can write directly on it, draw a strategy, leave reminders for your family members or co-workers without the hassle of post-its.

You can choose from 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inch thickness – please note the thicker the board is the sturdier it will be.
All of our premium plexiglass stand offs are made in the USA