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Poppies Field wall decals

Poppies Field wall decals
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Poppies Field wall decals

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Details about Poppies Field wall decals

Poppies Field wall decals come in pack of 5 flowers:
  • The 70"x70" pack includes 5 flowers 25"x67",17"x36", 28"x59", 18"x43" and 23"x70"
  • The 47"x47" pack includes 5 flowers 17"x46", 10"x24", 19"x40", 12"x30", and 15"x47"
  • The 33"x33" pack includes 5 flowers 12"x32", 9"x17", 13"x28", 7"x21", and 10"x33"
  • The 22"x22" pack includes 5 flowers 8"x22", 5"x11", 9"x19", 4"x14", and 7"x22"


Stick these beautiful classic poppies flower wall decals anywhere in your home and bring instant gratification to your walls. The silhouette of three poppy flowers wall decals will transform any room into a more relaxing and lovely space. The poppies field wall decals are perfect if you are looking for an affordable and easy to use flowers wall decal.
Try our removable poppies field wall decals and for without much effort, you will for sure to love the results. If you have any questions during installation of our flower wall decals, please contact us we will assist you. All our floral wall decals are self-adhesive vinyl that doesn't require paste or glue for application. For more inspirations and ideas check our blog, facebook and instagram. Download instructions on our website for more tips. Poppies field wall decals are manufactured in the USA.
Poppy Decal color shown in the picture: Burgundy

SKU#: Z-FLO053

Customer Reviews

     What a fantastic flower poppies field decal and service, very impressed, this is my second purchase and I will certainly be purchasing a few more designs.
Danielle P.

     I'm very happy with the poppies fields decals I purchased. I put them on plain white cabinets in my laundry room & they really perked it up. Friends come in & notice them immediately, asking where I got them.

     Applying process went very well. The poppies field stick ups really perked up my laundry room. Video was a great help.
Norma W.

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