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Prince Knight wall decal pack

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Prince Knight wall decal pack
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Details about Prince Knight wall decal pack

The Prince Knight pack are full color wall decals. This set is available in 5 different sizes. 

  • 75"x75" pack has 29"x 26" prince,20"x17" medieval horse, 19"x36" tower, 43"x47" dragon, 23"x22" tent, 19"x12" ballista, trees in 17"x23", three clouds around 18"x9" and 5 arrows
  • 60"x60" pack has 21"x 23" prince, 16"x13" medieval horse, 15"x29" tower, 35"x38" dragon, 18"x18" tent, 13"x11" ballista, trees in 13"x18", three clouds around 14"x7" and 5 arrows
  • 47"x47" pack has 16"x 18" prince, 13"x10" medieval horse, 12"x22" tower, 27"x30" dragon, 14"x14" tent, 10"x9" ballista, trees in 10"x14", three clouds around 11"x5" and 5 arrows
  • 33"x33" pack has 11"x 13" prince, 9"x7" medieval horse, 8"x16" tower, 19"x21" dragon, 10"x10" tent, 7"x6" ballista, trees in 7"x10", three clouds around 8"x4" and 5 arrows
  • 22"x22" pack has 7.5"x 8.5" prince, 6"x5" medieval horse, 5.5"x10.5" tower, 16"x14" dragon, 7"x7" tent, 5"x4" ballista, trees in 5"x7", three clouds around 5"x3" and 5 arrows

Once upon a time, there was a queen looking to decorate her baby prince's nursery. She searched everywhere in the design kingdom until she found the perfect wall accent for her castle.
A gorgeous set of removable wall decals was chosen. It told a story from a fairytale, a story of knights, horses and dragons.
It had beautiful colors and it was made in the USA.

Please note: the size displayed is the 75"x75"


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