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QR Code wall decals

QR Code wall decals
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QR Code wall decals
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Details about QR Code wall decals

QR code stands for Quick Response code. It is nowadays one of the most popular ways to advertise, connect with an audience, promote a business... Efficient and stylish, QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that allow instant interactivity with your audience.

Your clients scan your code using their mobile device (such as a cell phone or a tablet), and they will instantly receive the promotional text, add or any kind of message you wish on their device.

QR codes can become even more playful and interactive, and can allow your customers to send you a text message, browse through your website, discover a special webpage designed only for them, add you as a friend on facebook. Let your marketing imagination do the work!

With our QR generator you will be able to create and save for free your own personalized QR code image simply follow the easy steps below.
If you wish to order a wall decal version of your QR code image you can order it from us: simply add it to your cart!

Laminated film: if you choose this option, your decal will be laminated with a resistant, anti-UV, anti-grafitti film. This is the ideal option if you plan to install your sign outside, or if your sign is exposed to corosive substances, humid environment or extreme weather.

QR Code decals can be installed on any surface such as walls, windows, vehicles
QR wall decals can be used indoors and outdoors!

You can complement your QR code by adding text lines (visit our Custom Lettering section), or even your logo (contact us directly for Custom Projects)

Using our QR generator, you can create your own QR code. Enter the content you wish to communicate, select the size and the color of your QR, and add it to your cart. We manufacture your QR code on a removable and reusable vinyl decal, ready to be used, and ready to be scanned!
Install your decal on your wall or on any surface (furniture, car, laptop, window ...) People can now scan your QR code and get in touch with your business latest news.
Just try it!

How to use your QR decal

Here are a few examples of the many uses you can make with a QR decal.
You can install the QR code decal on your lobby's wall, your company vehicles, your laptop, cell phones

More than a marketing tool, QR codes can become a piece of Art and complement your Interior Décor in a very trendy and modern way!
Contact us for custom projects and original designs that will give your QR code all the shine that your message deserves!

Learn more about QR codes or download a QR Code Reader on your portable device.

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