Shop by Room!

Decorate each room of your home or office with the appropriate wall decals

Decorating your home or office can be challenging at times. There are so many options to choose from when shopping for your space that things can get quite overwhelming.

Thinking about that, we have developed the shop by room section: we have divided our huge selection of products by the rooms where they would fit the best. That way you can browse through a limited selection of wall decor products and avoid being submerged by the numerous choices.

In this section, you’ll find decorative removable products for all living spaces, from your Entrance & Hallway to your garage. All types of products are combined in this category, so you’ll find wall decals and stickers, wall murals, photo canvases, wall quotes and more in the same place. Quick and easy!

In our Entrance & Hallway section you will find an elegant Parisian wall clock and unusual coat racks that will give your space a unique look. Both pieces are not only decorative, they are also functional! In our Living Room section you will find funky furniture wall stickers that will bring life to your décor without taking a lot of space. In our bedroom section you’ll find easy to install headboard wall decals as well as gorgeous floral and tree wall decals. In our Bathroom & Laundry section you will find humorous wall decals that hopefully will make your family more willing to help with daily chores. ^^

We also have a Kitchen & Dining room section, an Entertainment Room section, a Nursery section, Toddlers section, Teenager’s cave section and even a garage section. Take advantage of our wide selection and decorate your entire home!!