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Swirls modern wall stickers

Swirls modern wall stickers
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Swirls modern wall stickers

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Details about Swirls modern wall stickers

Swirls modern wall stickers come in pack of 16. This sticker pack allows you to be creative by placing the swirls artistically the way you want.
The spiral abstract design of the modern swirls wall stickers looks like rose buds. You can come up with a very artistic composition by using your imagination!
  • The 47"x46" pack includes swirls of diameter 12", 11", 9" and 7"
  • The 33"x32" pack includes swirls of diameter 9", 8", 6" and 5"
  • The 22"x21" pack includes swirls of diameter 6", 5", 4", and 3"
Separate each swirl sticker by using a pair of scissors. These wall decals will look awesome on your furnitures such as cabinets, drawers and tables. Sticking these affordable swirls decals will be a lot of fun.
Please contact us for customize decals or if you need a different size or a specific color. Manufactured in USA with premium vinyl.

SKU#: Z-PAC039

Customer Reviews

     Whimsical, fun, easy to use, and just the design I have been looking for. Great service! Thank you

     I saw some dotty decals on a TV home makeover show. I live in a rental apartment in Australia so I was excited that they looked like wallpaper. I ordered the coral design in gold to decorate my dated, sparse bathroom. The decals arrived within a week. They are strong, great quality and easy to apply. My bathroom now looks luxurious and I am no longer embarrassed by it. Thanks for making them!
Sandra Barker

     My first order was the Brazilian Swirls, which came with a free large polka dot set and a great squeegee. I love these decals, very easy to apply, large size, high quality, great price and bonuses. I'm trying to find more wall space just to have an excuse to order again!

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