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Wall Murals FAQ

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Wall Mural Instructions


Dezign With a Z wall murals are a very modern & elegant way to decorate interiors and change the entire look of your room in a heart beat.
Our murals are printed on the best quality textile vinyl material: it won't stretch if stressed!
Very easy to install,
our murals are also 100% removable and reusable!
Simply read and follow the instructions below:


Before installing your wall mural

  • Dezign With a Z vinyl wall papers can be applied on any smooth or textured surfaces, such as flat or textured painted walls, glass, metal, wood, concrete...etc. (Avoid rough concrete surfaces or bumpy skip trowel walls).

If you have a rough surface, such as very textured walls, cinder blocks, rough wood panels, or a bare wall (from which you just removed an old wall paper), prepare your surface by using a liner paper, then apply 2 coats of a flat latex paint.  

  • Before applying Dezign With a Z wall murals, make sure that the surface is dry and free of dust and dirt! This first step will ensure that your mural will adhere properly over time. The best way is to spray your surface with some Windex or rubbing alcohol, and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

  • Before applying a vinyl wall paper on freshly painted walls, allow at least 2 weeks for the paint to cure!


Wall murals installation

  • If your vinyl wall mural is fairly large, get a friend to help you! This is not only more convenient but also more fun !


After your wall mural installation

  • If one day you decide to remove your decorative mural, you can gently peel it off by hand


General instructions on wall murals

wall paper

wall murals

No need for glue!
No need for professional tools!

All you need is...

stool and/or ladder
3. tape measure
4. sponge/cleaning products
5. pen
6.cutter/precision knife
(eventually a friend! ^^)


Step by step wall mural set-up 

wall murals
  Prepare your wall surface by cleaning it thoroughly with a clean cloth using windex or rubbing alcohol. Make sure your walls are free of dust and dirt. Make sure the surface is dry.
For slightly textured, glossy or semi-glossy walls,
roughen the surface with a medium grit sand paper.
Remove any appliance, wall decor, vent or outlet cover... (for safety, shut power off, if needed).
wall murals

Using a level, a ruler and a pencil take your dimensions to make sure that your mural is going to be centered on your wall or installed accordingly.
If necessary, draw horizontal and vertical lines to make your mural installation easier.
Take windows and doors into consideration while
carefully planning your installation.

wall murals

Once you have properly drawn your guidelines on the wall, lay flat each vinyl panel on the floor for a final check.
Take extra care in this step, in order to ensure a proper installation.
Make sure all dimensions are correct, and that your mural is going to be placed properly.

wall murals

Arrange the vinyl panel on the desired surface. Press the top edge onto the surface and firmly smooth the panel all the way down, avoiding bubbling and wrinkles.
(you can overlap the mural on the ceiling and on the left and right walls if necessary.  You will trim the overlap at the very end of the installation - step 7).

wall murals

Finish the application by gently rubbing over the entire panel with the squeegee (use the edge with the felt!), or with a clean cloth in order to remove any remaining air bubbles and activate the bond between the vinyl mural and the surface.
To remove small bubbles, you may want to poke them with a fine needle and get the air out using the squeegee.

wall murals

Once a panel is installed repeat the same operation with the next panel.
Make sure you the panel is correctly adjusted with the previous one, and make sure it’s properly aligned with your guidelines and marks inlaid in the print (allow a 1/4” overlap).
If your panel is not adjusted properly, no worries, just pull it back and re-apply.  As long as you don’t firmly rub over it, the panel remains repositionable!
Again gently rub over the panel with the squeegee or a clean cloth to finalize the installation.

wall murals
Once the entire wall mural is installed, check the entire mural for bubbles or imperfections to fix. Rub over it one more time thoroughly.
This will ensure a long lasting adhesion, and avoid peeling off overtime.
With a precision knife or a cutter (eventually using a ruler or a straight edge), trim the vinyl overlap at the top, bottom and sides of the mural.
Put back all appliances, decorations, vents or outlet covers you may have removed prior to installation.

Voila! We hope you will  enjoy for years your new Dezign With a Z decorative Mural!

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Wall Murals Tips & Tricks

  • if you plan on installing your wall mural onto a window, a glass surface, or any other flat non-porous area (such as plain metal or plastic), it will stick strongly and right away. For these types of surface, we advise spraying water onto the surface beforehand (you can use a sponge for instance). This will allow you to re-position the decal as needed during installation. Once the vinyl panels are correctly adjusted, let the surface dry so that the bond is activated.

  • if you have a large size wall mural to apply, have a friend help you. This can make the application faster :-) Remember: anybody can apply a wall mural It's easy. However if you don't feel like doing the installation by yourself you can always hire a professional (such as a painter or a wall paper professional). They are accustomed to doing this kind of installation. Please note that Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for misapplication or damages caused during installation or removal.

  • if you want to remove a wall mural, simply peel it off gently by hand or use a blow dryer (set heat position). You can use the blow dry technique if the mural to remove is set on a  very fragile surface or if you are really afraid to damage your surface. Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for damages caused by an uncareful removal.

Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for damages caused by an uncareful removal.

  • Have fun: setting-up a Dezign With a Z wall mural is easy, just take your time and focus on how you want your room to look.
    For additional info, tips about wall murals, please visit the Mural FAQ section or contact us directly. We will be glad to assist you further.

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 If you have any further questions, or need assistance, feel free to contact us!