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Wine Cellar decal Dry Erase Furniture Skin

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Wine Cellar decal Dry Erase Furniture SkinWine Cellar decal Dry Erase Furniture Skin
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Details about Wine Cellar decal Dry Erase Furniture Skin

Now your piece of furniture is your blank canvas! With the winne cellar dry erase skin, you can turn your boring wood, metal or plastic surface into an elegant cave a vin.
The gorgeous self adhesive print will give your surface an upscale look worthy of Napa, Bordeaux or other world class wine region!
Introducing our new exciting decal line of furniture skins!

Also known as furniture films or skin decal wraps, these self-adhesive vinyl skins will change the look of your dull furniture in a matter of minutes.
You can use this 
Wine Cellar decal Dry Erase Furniture Skin to wrap an entire piece of furniture or portions of it (think doors, shelves or smaller panels).


dry erase wall decals All of our furniture skins come with a protective laminate to avoid scratches and water stains.
This protective film is also dry erase decal, so you are able to write on it with standard dry erase markers – just like you would on a whiteboard! Now you can write your grocery list directly on your cupboard doors, make brainstorm notes on your conference room table, or leave reminders for your family members or co-workers without the hassle of post-its.

Our furniture skins are easy to install and fully removable. You can install these to a variety of surfaces including wood and metal tables, benches, cabinets, closets, dressers, nightstands, headboards and more with the freedom of being able to remove them whenever you wish!

Tip: How to wrap your furniture:

furniture wrap decal


SKU#: Z-WTB0081

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