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Winter Tree wall decals

Winter Tree wall decals
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Winter Tree wall decalsWinter Tree wall decals

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Details about Winter Tree wall decals

  • Size 1 (34"x22"): the bare tree without the flowers is 23"x22"
  • Size 2 (53"x33"): the bare tree without the flowers is 34"x33"
  • Size 3 (75"x47"): the bare tree without the flowers is 49"x47"
  • Size 4 (120"x75"): the bare tree without the flowers is 78"x75"
  • Size 5 (145"x90"): the bare tree without the flowers is 93"x90"

The size 4 and 5 comes in 2 pieces easy to assemble.
Choose the color is quick and easy. On our bi-color winter tree wall decals, you can select a different color for the trunk and the leaves in one click. Our collection of bi color decorative decals is an amazing way to enjoy different colors. So please take your time and check out which removable decal will fit the best. All sizes come with separate leaves/flowers that you can arrange and spread the way you like on your wall.

A lovely winter tree to deck your room

Decorate our room with winter tree decal will give a trendy touch to your house. We created this vinyl stickers in 3 different sizes to fit in every apartment and office. If you like nature, enjoy our floral art section.

Decal color shown in the picture: Cyclamen & Black

SKU#: Z-BIC024

Customer Reviews

     Last night my husband, son and I put up a very large tree in our guest room. We had so much fun as a family and the end result is magical. We now have a dark purple tree decal with white flower buds on light purple walls. With a small chandelier in the room it is transformed and makes us feel happy. I can't wait to see our guests reactions. The room is small but special.
Ellen N.

     The quality of the wall decal we purchased for our new arrival's room is excellent. We purchased a very large tree wall decal(with numerous flowers) so it was very important that the quality of the material was high so that it did not ruin our paint job underneath. The purchase, shipping and service was prompt and that's all you can ask for! Hubby and I are already looking at your other products!!
Elle P.

     i got dee pink winter wall dizign and i absolutily love it! it makes the great contrast on mi wall with mi Life Of Pi wallpaper i purchased on dis site. thank you so muche. sorry for my inglish i am from india
rashid a.

     SIMPLY SUPERB!!!! I ordered one of the largest designs you make,,,, a wistful tree decal and once the dezign was up it is captivating!!!! I have the tree in my bedroom and everyone who comes in says, I heard about the tree, may I see!!! Thank you, I LOVE it and can't wait to order more!!!
Colleen R.

     I have been ordering from Dezign with a Z for years now for my different offices at work and just love the products! Most recently, my fairytale themed office is done with one of largest 5ft tree decals in brown with gold leaves blowing off right behind my desk and everyone that walks in comments on how artistic and unique it is. I suggest that anyone with a creative type job try some of these in their office...I promise you will get compliments and get noticed.

     We collectively decided we love our new tree decal, thank you for such and easy application I will use and recommend your product in the future. I am posting a positive blurb about Design With a Z and this picture on Facebook -Thanks.
Bill K

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