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Zebra Print frosted window decals

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Zebra Print frosted window decals
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Details about Zebra Print frosted window decals

Zebra print frosted window decals come in 3 sections.
Make your room look stylish and luxurious with this zebra stripes pattern border.
It is an easy and affordable decorative frosted window decal.
  • The 100"x47" set has 3 sections each measures 100"x13"
  • The 70"x33" set has 3 sections each measures 70"x9"
  • The 47"x22" set has 3 sections each measures 47"x6"

Our frosted window decals are a line of self-adhesive vinyl intended for glass, metal and plastic surfaces. These designs will look like they have been etched or sandblasted onto your window, glass door or divider, metal or flat plastic surface, shower stall and mirror. Besides being a less expensive solution to such treatments, the zebra print frosted window decals are durable and 100% removable. They won’t leave any residues once you decide to take them down.
The finish is translucent, so it lets light into the room. It is ideal for smaller windows or less luminous spaces. Although the frosted window decals have a sticky back and don’t need additional glue or paste to be installed, this entire line should be installed using a wet application technique.
Simply spray water abundantly on your surface, then apply your frosted window border decal, after that push all water and bubbles away using the squeegee tool (included). Once that process is completed, allow the decal to dry for several hours. Lastly, when dry, simply remove the transfer tape. Voila! Your window decal will be successfully installed and bubble free!
For additional information, see our "How to install a decal" section or feel free to contact us directly. Made in USA.


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